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Let’s Get Digital Design - 2-3 month turn over

Let’s Get Digital Design - 2-3 month turn over

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UP TO 3 MONTH TURN OVER w/ a possibility of it being done sooner.

Have you seen a painting I’ve done in the past and would love to have a digital print of it? Here’s your chance! You will not own the rights to the artwork, and the Digital version will be ever so slightly different than the original. This allows the original owner of the painting to have something unique.

By purchasing, you will email me a screenshot of what you’ve seen me paint and I will turn it into a digital piece. With the purchase below you get to choose what size print you want at the end of it.

This will get Critterosity to make digital art of something you’ve seen painted since it is never a guarantee she can/will. Critterosity will own all rights and be allowed to sell on products and merch to others. Artist reserves the right to re-create the painting as they see fit. As stated, it will seem very similar to the original and almost exact to those who can’t find the difference.

This includes your choice of (depending on layout): 1 5x5/5x7 OR 8x8/8x10 embellished print OR a large emebellished stretched canvas (12x12 or 8x12). The Large stretched canvas is an extra $20 which is discounted from $40.


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