Critterosity is a 1 woman show (with some Squatch help along the way from time to time). This means a lot of the products in stock are going to be extras from bulk/wholesale orders, Art Hero Monthly Subscription rewards, and for new shop launches.

If you have an inquiry, never be afraid to ask. 

If an item is out of stock, you have the option on some items to purchase and help Critterosity get them back in stock by clicking on "Product Title - Get Back In Stock, I'll Wait". This is the same as purchasing, you will purchase the item but be willing to wait until it arrives back in stock. Some items take longer than others to get in, so please read the description before ordering.

Critterosity places orders for items out of stock when someone purchases with the Restock button on the listing and will order within 2-4 business days to make sure all other custom/get back in stock items can be shipped together from manufacturer. 

Proof of tracking in motion is proof of delivery. Critterosity is responsible for packaging safely, delivering to shipping department (USPS, UPS, etc), after that, it is 100% the shipping courier's services. If package is damaged during shipping, but customer only purchased First Class with shipping, there will be nothing further Critterosity can do. If customer selects Priority Shipping, insurance should cover the bulk of the items in the package. Customer must take photos, or take package in to courier location ASAP to prove damage and fill out the proper forms. This is 100% out of Critterosity's hands once it has shipped. 

If Critterosity forgot an item, sent a damaged item that does not have to do with shipping, please email clear photos and a kind explanation as things happen. Critterosity stands behind their customer service 100% and is happy to correct any mistakes. Please give Critterosity the benefit of the doubt and use kindness first. 

Critterosity has been in business for over 8 years and is always eager to make things right! Do not assume and use communication. If Critterosity doesn't know what happened, they cannot make it right.