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Limited Edition Elf Stationery Club Items - READ DESCRIPTION

Limited Edition Elf Stationery Club Items - READ DESCRIPTION

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These items are preorder and will be ordered 2 days after you place order. Artist will use their skills to design items and surprise you based on your notes! Most items take 1-2 weeks (business days only) to arrive for shipping out. If order is placed with other non-stationary club items, may take longer to ship. 


1. Lined or Blank if you order any notepads

2. Your top 2 favorite characters from line, will keep this in mind when ordering your items, may end up with other characters on multi character designs. Artist will choose which of the fav characters fits best on specific items.

2. If you are getting the stamp (inking stamp or sticker stamps), greeting cards, and/or address labels option: Choose character for stamp from the stationery line, choose character for address labels (doesn’t have to be the same as stamp, but character from this line is a must), and your full name and address (please double check as we copy and paste from notes).

CUSTOM BOXES: Is now an option! You can add it to your order, or just get your items in basic bubble packaging. Add as many boxes as you would like. Due to the holidays, 12 are ordered ASAP, but if sold out on the first 12, and re-ordered after Dec. 5th, there may be a delay. We will keep everyone posted on manufacture updates if we think they will not arrive before the holiday.

This limited box ends on Jan. 1, 2023.



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